Our client:

Valour Health is a relatively new but large gym based in North Tyneside with a mixture of high quality training equipment, a number of in-house personal trainers looking to bring a unique health and fitness experience to it’s members.

Their problem:

Primarily seen as a ‘bodybuilding’ gym, their website and online channels backup this brand image and identification which they want to move away from to help attract new customers, increase memberships and yearly revenue.

How we helped…

We first looked at the website, did some re-branding and web development work to remove a lot of the existing branded imagery portraying a bodybuilders image and replaced this with more friendly images and photographs from the personal trainers in the gym. We also improved the content of the About Us page with an updated vision and mission details, including producing a new promo video used on both the website and social media.

We improved the membership page with specific pricing and created a new lead magnet – 1 Week FREE Trial to acquire new organic members which worked really well in the first month since launching.

With the majority of the target audience based on Facebook, we setup Messenger Marketing and launched it with an online competition driving subscribers to the Messenger list for future broadcasts which worked well and instantly generated over 120 subscribers in over 1 week.

Messenger Subscribers

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Free Trial Requests

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