Marketing management for your online store


E-Commerce is a hugely important service for the retail industry due to the major popularity of online shopping.

There is an abundance of online stores on the internet, selling any product you can imagine.

This means getting consumers to your site may prove difficult without the help of an E-Commerce marketing team behind the scenes.

Once you acquire your customers you also need to retain them.

“The reason it seems that price is all your customers care about is that you haven’t given them anything else to care about.” – Seth Godin

E-Commerce Marketing Stats for 2018

Increase in conversion rate with embedded videos 90%
Users who have made a voice purchase through virtual assistant 19%
Consumers who do online research while in store 43%
E-commerce organic traffic from all Google searches 43%
Women who turn to social networks before making purchase 86%

how we can help your online store grow

Shopping Feeds (Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping)

As all three of these companies are online shopping behemoths, not being on one of them is a huge hinderance to your brand’s potential. We will make sure you have a presence on all of the major online stores.

Price checking

Competitive prices attract buyers. It’s simple. We can connect you with our price checking partners and provide you with regular detailed reports of how far you are ahead of your competitors, or whether further changes need to be made.

Facebook  & Instagram Ads

Facebook or Instagram are the perfect places to showcase your products or services. We will plan and carry out effective marketing campaigns designed to only lure in people that would be interested in your brand, which in turn will lead to extra sales for less of a cost.

Paid Search Advertising

Why stop at Google Shopping, or listing your products on Amazon and eBay? Reach more prospective customers with the highest intent – on a Search Engine with Paid advertising.

Email & Messenger Campaigns

Attracting new customers is great, but what about your existing customers?
You can not only generate repeat sales from your customers but also turn them into advocates of your brand through email and messenger marketing.


When we talk about automation we think of how much time and money we can save your e-commerce business through creative marketing & sales funnels utilising automated online platforms and technology – just think Voice Search, Chatbots and more.

let's grow together

We can give your customers more to care about, than just price